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Math 320, "spring" 2011 before the first midterm

Summary: Math 320, "spring" 2011
before the first midterm
Typical Exam Problems
1. Consider the linear system of equations
2x1 + 3x2 - 2x3 + x4 = y1
x1 + 3x2 - 2x3 + 2x4 = y2
x1 + 2x3 - x4 = y3
where x1, , x4 are the unknowns, and y1, y2, y3 are given constants.
(i) If you want to find the general solution to this system by row reduction, then
which matrix do you have to row-reduce?
(ii) Compute the Reduced Row Echelon Form of the matrix you found in (i).
(iii) What is the general solution to the system of equations?
(iv) Answer the same questions for the system
2x1 + 3x2 - 2x3 + x4 = y1
x1 + 3x2 - 2x3 + 2x4 = y2
2x1 + 2x3 - x4 = y3
2. A system of two equations with four unknowns has been row-reduced to the
1 0 0 1 4
0 1 2 3 1


Source: Angenent, Sigurd - Department of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin at Madison


Collections: Mathematics