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FP06 4:lOProceedingsof the 35th Conferenceon Decisionand Control

Summary: FP06 4:lOProceedingsof the 35th
Conferenceon Decisionand Control
Kobe, Japan December 1996
Supervisory Control of Petri Nets with
Uncontrollable/Unobservable Transitions
,John 0. bloody and Panos J. Aritsaklis
Department of Electrical Engineering
Uriiversitv of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN 46556 USA
This paper expands upon results of previous research
dealing with the supervisory control of Petri net mod-
eled discrete event systems that contain uncontrollable
transitions. The concept of unobservable plant transi-
tions is int,roducedhere and incorporated into the con-
troller design procedure. New conditions are developed
which govern the existence of controllers for these prob-
lems. Two procedures are presented for automatically
generating controllers for plants that incorporate un-
controllable and unobservable events.


Source: Antsaklis, Panos - Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame


Collections: Engineering