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Introduction Laser forward-transfer techniques have

Summary: Introduction
Laser forward-transfer techniques have
become important direct-write alterna-
tives to lithographic processes for generat-
ing high-resolution patterns. In these
approaches, a pulsed laser is used to in-
duce the transfer of material from a source
film onto a substrate in close proximity to
or in contact with the film. The source is
typically a laser-transparent substrate that
is coated with the material of interest, re-
ferred to in the literature as the target,
donor, or ribbon. Laser pulses propagate
through the transparent substrate and are
absorbed by the film. Above an incident
laser energy threshold, material is ejected
from the source and propelled toward the
acceptor, waiting, or receiving substrate.
Translation of the source and receiving
substrate, or scanning and modulating the


Source: Arnold, Craig B. - Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University


Collections: Engineering; Materials Science