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Current Biology, Volume 19 Supplemental Data

Summary: 1
Current Biology, Volume 19
Supplemental Data
Testing for Direct and Indirect
Effects of Mate Choice
by Manipulating Female Choosiness
Alexei A. Maklakov and Göran Arnqvist
Supplemental Results
The efficacy of female choice treatments. We conducted two distinct sets of
experiments to verify that our experimental manipulations of female resistance
ability had the intended effects. First, to test for effects on non-random mating by
females, we first used phenotypic manipulation to experimentally create low-
persistence males by simply ablating one fore tibia and one hind tibia of each
male under light CO2 anaesthesia. Since males use their fore legs to grasp
females and their hind legs as support during mating attempts, our phenotypic
manipulation compromised male ability to maintain an appropriate mating
position during premating interactions with females and hence made males less
persistent. We note that our manipulation did not noticeably reduce male viability
and low-persistence males showed only a moderately depressed mating success
(see below). We then introduced two virgin females (both from either of the five


Source: Arnqvist, Göran - Department of Animal Ecology, Uppsala Universitet


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology