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Carlos E. S. Cesnik May 2011 Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering

Summary: Carlos E. S. Cesnik May 2011
Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering
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Book Chapters:
1. Raghavan, A. and Cesnik, C. E. S., "Lamb Wave-based Structural Health Monitoring," Book Chapter:
`Damage Prognosis' edited by Daniel J. Inman, Charles R. Farrar, Vicente Lopes Jr. and Valder
Steffen Jr., John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 2005.
2. Cesnik, C. E. S. and Raghavan, A., "Fundamentals of Guided Elastic Waves in Solids," Chapter:
`Encyclopedia of Structural Health Monitoring' edited by Fu-Kuo Cheng and Christian Boller, John
Wiley and Sons, Inc., 2008.
3. Shyy, W., Lian, Y., Chimakurthi, S.K., Tang, J., Cesnik, C.E.S., Stanford, B., and Ifu, P. Flexible
Wings and Fluid-Structure Interactions for Micro Air Vehicles, Flying Insects and Robots, edited by
Floreano, D., Zufferey, C.J., Srinivasan, M.V., and Ellington, C., Springer Verlag, Switzerland, 2008.
Papers in Refereed Journals
1. Hodges, D. H., Atilgan, A. R., Cesnik, C. E. S., and Fulton, M. V., "On a Simplified Strain Energy
Function for Geometrically Nonlinear Behavior of Anisotropic Beams," Composites Engineering, Vol.
2, No. 5 -- 7, 1992, pp. 513 -- 526.
2. Cesnik, C. E. S. and Hodges, D. H., "Stiffness Constants for Initially Twisted and Curved Composite
Beams," Applied Mechanics Reviews, Vol. 46, No. 11, Part 2, 1993, pp. S211 -- S220.


Source: Awtar, Shorya - Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan


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