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215JOURNAL OF RANGE MANAGEMENT 53(2), March 2000 Three watersheds at the University of California's Sierra

Summary: 215JOURNAL OF RANGE MANAGEMENT 53(2), March 2000
Three watersheds at the University of California's Sierra
Foothill Research and Extension Center (SFREC), Marysville,
Calif. were selected to study cattle grazing effects on the vegeta-
tion surrounding cold-water springs and their downslope creeks.
Three spring-creek systems from each of 3 watersheds were ran-
domly assigned to grazing treatments (9 total). Treatments were
ungrazed, lightly grazed (1,500 kg·ha-1
residual dry matter), and
moderately grazed (1,000 kg·ha-1
residual dry matter) based on
degree of use in upland pastures encircling the spring-creek sys-
tems. Total herbaceous cover at springs varied significantly
among the 6 years only once (greater in 1994 than all others)
covarying with previous year's rainfall. Grazing intensity did not
affect total herbaceous cover at springs. A year X grazing treat-
ment interaction (P<0.05) was detected for total herbaceous
cover at spring-fed creeks. Three years after grazing removal,
total herbaceous cover on ungrazed creek plots surpassed cover


Source: Allen-Diaz, Barbara - Department of Environmental Science Policy and Management, University of California at Berkeley


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology