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University of Regina Campus Master Plan Design Charrette Outcomes

Summary:  University of Regina Campus Master Plan
Design Charrette Outcomes
Group 6
Facilitator: Carol Reyda
The University of Regina is a beautiful, green, sustainable campus that is academically superior, innovative, and
community-oriented, while being fun, friendly, accessible, and diverse.
U of R will...
be designed to accommodate all modes of transportation, including cycling, walking, transit, and vehicles
actively lead in sustainable design, learning, and community development
be more welcoming to students, faculty, and staff of diverse origins, including those of indigenous ancestry
celebrate and honour its history and our setting in a park
take steps to make the campus fully accessible (wayfinding, disability)
offer student supportive space and services (food, daycare, residences, study space) and a welcoming
connect campus and city communities
be a safe place to work, live, learn, and get to
design landmarks, wayfinding, and movement so new people to campus can move confidently
provide means to promote university and federated colleges' activities and accomplishments to external


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


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