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Islamic AstronomyIslamic Astronomy Topics covered

Summary: Islamic AstronomyIslamic Astronomy
Topics covered
ии Islamic calendarIslamic calendar
ии types of instruments and mathematicaltypes of instruments and mathematical
methods usedmethods used
ии Prayers based on the astronomicalPrayers based on the astronomical
position of the sun in the skyposition of the sun in the sky
ии Brief history ofBrief history of KaabaKaaba
ии astronomical importance in the structureastronomical importance in the structure
ofof kaabakaaba
ии problems in Islamic astronomyproblems in Islamic astronomy
ии solutions to problems by astronomerssolutions to problems by astronomers
ии Observatories in Islamic astronomyObservatories in Islamic astronomy
Islamic Calendar
Islamic Calendar
The calendar is called Hijri
It is first introduced by Umar ibn Al-KHaTTab a close companion of
the Prophet in 638 C.E (common era).
The reason for this introduction was to rationalise the various, at times
conflicting, dating systems used during that era.


Source: Aslaksen, Helmer - Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore


Collections: Mathematics