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Summary: 1 | R e f W o r k s O c t o b e r 2 0 1 1
RReeffWWoorrkkss:: FFoorr CCiittaattiioonn MMaannaaggeemmeenntt aanndd BBiibblliiooggrraapphhyy CCrreeaattiioonn
RefWorks is an online citation management tool that will store citations to books, articles, and websites as well as the
full text /notes on these if you choose to upload files or edit the record. Using your folder of citations, you can create
bibliographies in APA format and also write a paper/thesis and add references as you go directly from your folders. To
help with APA, see the guides on the Education Library pages: http://library.queensu.ca/webedu/grad/index.html
GGeett SSttaarrtteedd
Use RefWorks to put bibliographic citations into folders. You can edit the information, add notes, and attach the file
itself to each record. Login at http://library.queensu.ca >> My Account >> RefWorks
TToouurr ooff FFuunnccttiioonnss
CCuussttoommiizzee:: Open to set preferences to APA 6th
Log onto library computer
with your NetID.
Open Home Page:
For Export/Import
Group code: RWQueensU
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Source: Abolmaesumi, Purang - School of Computing, Queen's University (Kingston)


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences