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Graph concepts Graphs are made up by vertices (nodes) and edges (links).

Summary: Graph concepts
Graphs are made up by vertices (nodes) and edges (links).
An edge connects two vertices, or a vertex with itself ­ loop.
AC, AC - multiple edges
BB ­ loop
The shape of the graph does not
matter, only the way the nodes are
connected to each other.
Simple graph - does not have loops (self-edges) and does not have
multiple identical edges.
Further reading:
Symmetrical and directed graphs
Two distinct types of edges: symmetrical and directed (also called arcs).
Two different graph frameworks: graph, digraph.
In the digraph framework a symmetrical edge means the superposition
of two opposite directed edges.
Node degrees
Node degree: the number of edges connected to the


Source: Albert, Réka - Departments of Biology & Physics, Pennsylvania State University


Collections: Biology and Medicine