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Advances in Linear Pixel Shu ing 1 Peter G. Anderson

Summary: Advances in Linear Pixel Shuing 1
Peter G. Anderson
Computer Science Department
Rochester Institute of Technology,
Rochester, NY 14623-0887
anderson(at sign)cs.rit.edu
April 11, 2000
1 Presented at the Conference on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications, Pullman, Wash-
ington, July, 1994.

Given an interval or a higher dimensional block of points, that may be either continuous
or discrete, how can we probe that set in a smooth manner, visiting all its regions with-
out slighting some and overprobing others? The method should be easy to program, to
understand, and to run e∆ciently.
We investigate a method of visiting the pixels (the elements of a rectangular matrix) and the
points in the real unit cube based on an arithmetic progression with wrap-around (modular
arithmetic). For appropriate choices of parameters, choices that generalize Fibonacci num-
bers and the golden mean, we nd equidistributed collections of pixels or points, respectively.
We illustrate this equidistributivity with a novel approach to progressive rendering of digital


Source: Anderson, Peter G. - Department of Computer Science, Rochester Institute of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences