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Arianne graduates from CPS photo credit: Roz Dauber

Summary: Arianne graduates from CPS
photo credit: Roz Dauber
Mount Diablo and Us
Dear Friends -
Another landmark year gone by. Arianne has come of
age (18), Dale is entering old age (61), Alice ended her sabbatical
and resumed work at UC; Adrian still working for NASA.. Dear
friends departed prematurely this year: Bobbi, Tod, Virginia..
Alice ended the year with a tradeshow for her new course
in sustainable product development - riding the forefront of the
technological wave of the 21st century. She also won a graduate
student mentoring award.
Dale is finishing the second edition of his medical marijuana
handbook, to be published next year. Next project: the centennial of
drug prohibition, a fragment of which appeared in the SF Chronicle
last spring. Definitely feeling older - can no longer work at the
computer without glasses, dealing with high blood pressure, which
is thankfully under control with the help of good living and modern
medicine. Took a memorable business trip to the Gieringer homeland


Source: Agogino, Alice M. - Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley


Collections: Engineering