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MTH6110 Communicating and Teaching Mathematics: The Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme

Summary: MTH6110 Communicating and Teaching Mathematics:
The Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme
The Special Project
Each Undergraduate Ambassador (UA) will devise a special project on the basis of his/her own assessment
of what will interest the particular students they are working with. The UA will have to show that he/she
can analyze a specific teaching problem and devise and prepare appropriately targeted teaching materials
(e.g. plans for coverage of topic items, integrating structured activities for students, and possibly developing
basic assessment tools).
The choice of the project topic will need to be agreed between the mentor teacher and the UA. The idea for
the project may be an original idea of the student, follow a suggestion of the mentor teacher or originate
elsewhere. The module organizer will also have some involvement in the choice of project, although this
may well be only minor. Some topics of project topics at The Southampton University are listed below as
an example.
While developing the special project and its related materials, the mentor teachers will act as the main source
of guidance. The module organizer, academic staff and members of the School of Maths outreach team will
provide additional support and guidance whenever necessary and appropriate.
Ideally, the UA will have the opportunity of using the project materials in school with a class or small group
of students during their placement in the school.
The successful completion of the project will result in producing several outputs for reflection, assessment
and use in teaching and learning. These outputs include any teaching materials developed, log book entries


Source: Agnor, Craig B. - Astronomy Unit, School of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary, University of London


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