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What Planner for Ambient Intelligence Applications?

Summary: 1
What Planner
for Ambient Intelligence Applications?
Francesco Amigoni, Member, IEEE, Nicola Gatti, Member, IEEE, Carlo Pinciroli, and Manuel Roveri
Abstract-- The development of ambient intelligence (AmI)
applications that effectively adapt to the needs of the users
and environments requires, among other things, the presence
of planning mechanisms for goal-oriented behavior. Planning is
intended as the ability of an AmI system to build a course of
actions that, when carried out by the devices in the environment,
achieve a given goal. The problem of planning in AmI has
not been yet adequately explored in literature. In this paper
we propose a planning system for AmI applications, based on
the Hierarchical Task Network (HTN) approach and called D-
HTN, able to find courses of actions to address given goals.
The plans produced by D-HTN are flexibly tailored to exploit
in the best way the capabilities of the devices currently available
in the environment. We discuss both the architecture and the
implementation of D-HTN. Moreover, we present some of the
experimental results that validated the proposed planner in a


Source: Amigoni, Francesco - Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione, Politecnico di Milano


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences