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Speculative N-Way Barriers Lukasz Ziarek Suresh Jagannathan

Summary: Speculative N-Way Barriers
Lukasz Ziarek Suresh Jagannathan
Department of Computer Science; Purdue University
Matthew Fluet Umut A. Acar
Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
Speculative execution is an important technique that has histori-
cally been used to extract concurrency from sequential programs.
While techniques to support speculation work well when compu-
tations perform relatively simple actions (e.g., reads and writes
to known locations), understanding speculation for multi-threaded
programs in which threads may communicate and synchronize
through multiple shared references is significantly more challeng-
ing, and is the focus of this paper.
We use as our reference point a simple higher-order concurrent
language extended with an n-way barrier and a fork/join execution
model. Our technique permits the expression guarded by the barrier
to speculatively proceed before the barrier has been satisfied (i.e.


Source: Acar, Umut - Programming Languages and Systems Group, Max-Planck Institute for Software Systems
Fluet, Matthew - Department of Computer Engineering , Rochester Institute of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences