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Ecological Genetics Winter Term 2010

Summary: BIOL 3044
Ecological Genetics
Winter Term 2010
Course Outline
Course Description
The interface of heritable variation among living things (genetics) with the interaction
between organisms and their environment (ecology) is the fundamental crucible of adaptive
evolutionary change. As genetic principles become more and more the focus of modern biology,
it is relevant to ask how genetics is important to natural populations of organisms. This class will
present an advanced examination of genetic variation in ecologically important traits, with a
focus on continuously varying (quantitative) traits and is thus complementary to courses in
molecular ecology and evolution. Throughout the course we will seek rigorous evidence for the
action of natural selection, testing each observation against the expectations of non-selective
(neutral) theories. Topics will include methods for determining whether a trait is inherited; the
action of natural selection in the wild; when selection will favour specialists vs. generalist
strategies; how variation is maintained in the face of selection; trade-offs between competing
selective pressures and selection for diversification.
Instructor: Robert G. Latta Office : LSC 7076 Phone : 494-2737
Email : Robert.Latta@Dal.ca
Course Webpage: http://ucis.dal.ca/services/other_services/ILO/


Source: Adl, Sina - Department of Biology, Dalhousie University


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology