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Magnetoresistance behavior of single castellated Ni80Fe20 nanowires A. O. Adeyeyea)

Summary: Magnetoresistance behavior of single castellated Ni80Fe20 nanowires
A. O. Adeyeyea)
Information Storage Materials Laboratory, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering,
4 Engineering Drive 3, National University of Singapore, Singapore 117576
R. L. White
Stanford Center for Research on Information Storage Materials, Department of Material Science
& Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305-4045
Received 10 September 2003; accepted 12 November 2003
We have studied in a systematic way the magnetization reversal processes of single castellated
Ni80Fe20 nanowires fabricated by advanced electron beam lithography. The structures consist of two
5 m wide Ni80Fe20 support wires bridged with a castellated nanowire of width in the range from
80 to 150 nm. We have used the anisotropic magnetoresistance AMR effect as a probe of the spin
orientations and hence magnetization reversal processes in these complex magnetic structures.
When the applied fields are along the horizontal legs of the castellated nanowire, we observe a
unique MR response due to the creation of magnetic local easy and hard axes resulting in a number
of discontinuous jumps in the magnetoresistance. The magnetoresistance behavior is strongly
influenced by spin states at corners of the nanowire for field applied parallel or perpendicular to
horizontal legs. These results are in agreement with simple micromagnetic simulations. 2004
American Institute of Physics. DOI: 10.1063/1.1637726


Source: Adeyeye, Adekunle - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore


Collections: Physics; Materials Science