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Towards a Complete Solution to Mobility Management for Next-Generation Wireless System

Summary: Towards a Complete Solution to Mobility Management for
Next-Generation Wireless System
Qi Wang and Mosa Ali Abu-Rgheff
The University of Plymouth/School of Computing, Communications and Electronics
Abstract: While the 3G wireless system is still under deployment world-wide, pilot research has been targeted
to the next generation (NG), whose full scope is not yet well defined. One feature of NG should be its
heterogeneous communication environment, where different generation cellular systems coexist and various
wireless access networks and corresponding services are used. Advanced mobility management (MM) is thus
needed to fulfil seamless global roaming in terms of not only the traditional terminal mobility, but the high-level
personal, session and service mobility. In this paper, we discuss mobility management in previous, current and
future mobile generations. We then present our vision of the NG framework and propose an approach leading
towards a complete mobility management solution from the protocol stack and network architecture
perspectives. We conclude with a series of associated open research problems in this hot research area.
1. Introduction
Wireless systems have been developed in an evolutionary way generation by generation over the last twenty
years or so. 1G systems are of diminishing importance. The dominant generations today are 2G and 2.5G with
3G coming into use and are represented in Europe by GSM, GPRS and UMTS, respectively. In a wider context,
besides these terrestrial wide area cellular systems there are a number of other wireless systems, such as the
global area satellite systems, the wireless local area networks (WLANs), and the personal area networks (PANs)


Source: Abu-Rgheff, Mosa Ali - School of Computing, Communications and Electronics, University of Plymouth


Collections: Engineering