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Interactive Image-Based Rendering Using Feature Globalization

Summary: Interactive Image-Based Rendering
Using Feature Globalization
Daniel G. Aliaga
Dimah Yanovsky×
Thomas Funkhouser
Ingrid Carlbom+
Lucent Bell Labs Harvard University Princeton University Lucent Bell Labs
Image-based rendering (IBR) systems enable virtual walkthroughs
of photorealistic environments by warping and combining
reference images to novel viewpoints under interactive user
control. A significant challenge in such systems is to
automatically compute image correspondences that enable
accurate image warping.
In this paper, we describe a new algorithm for computing a
globally consistent set of image feature correspondences across a
wide range of viewpoints suitable for IBR walkthroughs. We first
detect point features in a dense set of omnidirectional images
captured on an eye-height plane. Then, we track these features
from image to image, identifying potential correspondences when


Source: Aliaga, Daniel G. - Department of Computer Sciences, Purdue University
Princeton University, Department of Computer Science, Princeton Graphic Group


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences