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DECHO -A Framework for the Digital Exploration of Cultural Heritage Objects

Summary: 1
DECHO - A Framework for the Digital Exploration of
Cultural Heritage Objects
Purdue University, USA
University of Milan, Italy
We present a framework for the digital exploration of cultural heritage objects. Today computing and information technology is pervasive and
ubiquitous and has boosted at unprecedented levels information diffusion and productivity. Such technology is today a ripe context for succinctly
gathering knowledge by combining in innovative ways powerful visualization tactics, rapid access to a significant amount of relevant
information, domain-specific knowledge, and rich and pervasive tools to sort, group, and slice the information and knowledge in different ways.
To this end, we present a complete framework that is easy to use, does not require expensive/custom equipment, and has been designed for
helping archaeology researchers and educators reconstruct and analyze the historical context of cultural heritage objects. Our main inspiration is
that archaeology today would benefit significantly from having spur-of-the-moment access to information from a variety of heterogeneous data
sources and being able to have multiple participants visually observe factual and visual data in an intuitive and natural setting. While we present a
framework geared towards archaeology, in the long term we envision reusing it in a variety of fields.
Concretely, our framework includes data acquisition, data management, and data visualization components. The data acquisition component


Source: Aliaga, Daniel G. - Department of Computer Sciences, Purdue University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences