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Modeling signal transduction Receptor -ligand binding -assumed to be elementary reaction

Summary: Modeling signal transduction
Receptor - ligand binding - assumed to be elementary reaction
Methylation, phosphorylation reactions ­ catalyzed by enzymes,
Michaelis-Menten kinetics assumed
Dephosphorylation, protein degradation ­ spontaneous or catalyzed
Protein synthesis ­catalyzed by mRNA
Continuous and deterministic models.
Steps: Designate one component as signal and one as response;
Write rates of change for the concentration of components;
Find steady state concentrations;
Determine the dependence of the steady state response on the
signal strength
J. Tyson, K. Chen, B. Novak, Curr. Opin. Cell Biology 15, 221 (2003)
The signal acts on R both directly, and through an intermediary. S
is assumed to work at saturation (plentiful substrate). The catalyzed
decay is assumed to be elementary.
Incoherent feed-forward
Steady state:
Feed-forward loop


Source: Albert, Réka - Departments of Biology & Physics, Pennsylvania State University


Collections: Biology and Medicine