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First Draft 1 April 2003 Plate Tectonics ;

Summary: 1
First Draft 1 April 2003
Plate Tectonics ;
The General Theory
The Complex Earth is Simpler Than You Think
Don L. Anderson
"....In science, conventional wisdom is difficult to overturn. After more than 20 years some
implications of plate tectonics have yet to be fully appreciated by isotope geochemists... and by
geologists and geophysicists who have followed their lead."
" A myth is an invented tale, often to explain some natural phenomenon... which sometimes
acquires the status of dogma... without a sound logical foundation. It is a dogma that has
distorted thinking about the Earth for decades, In science this is an old story, likely to be
repeated again, as the defenders of conventional wisdom are seldom treated with the same
scepticism as the challengers of the status quo... the dogma has been defended with false
assertions, defective data, misconceptions and misunderstandings, and with straw-man
arguments... The justification... boils down to a statement of belief, an opinion, rather than a
deduction from observations."
" The only part of ` chemical geodynamics' invented in the 80s was the name. The ideas were


Source: Anderson, Don L. - Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, California Institute of Technology


Collections: Geosciences