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Wireless Communication Systems Lab-Manual-3 Introduction to Wireless Front End

Summary: Wireless Communication Systems Lab-Manual-3
Introduction to Wireless Front End
The objective of this experiment is to study hardware components which are
commonly used in most of the wireless communication systems. The students will:
o Learn about hardware components (LNA, Filters, VC ...), and system
analysis along with some measurements.
o See the effect of front end hardware components on the waveforms.
(Please read the documents regarding WAMI lab 13, both the theoretical
part and the practical part).
o Understand the functionality and characteristics of VCO, bandpass filters,
mixers, and LNA
o Learn how to interpret EVM, power spectrum, constellation diagram, eye
diagram, polar diagram, and PAPR
Study and understand:
Super heterodyne transmitter and receiver
The function of Mixers
The function of Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO)


Source: Arslan, Hüseyin - Department of Electrical Engineering, University of South Florida


Collections: Engineering