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Reasoning in Symbolic Computation Michael P. Barnett,

Summary: Reasoning in Symbolic Computation
Michael P. Barnett,
Meadow Lakes, Hightstown, NJ 08520
February 2, 2008
Abstract: I discuss notations for some styles of mathematical reasoning that include
analogy. These notations extend the conventions of the mathematica
package math-
scape that I reported recently in the Journal of Symbolic Computation. The paper
introduces the reasoning objects that I call "precursors" and "consequences lists".
During the past 16 years I have applied mathematica to problems in compu-
tational chemistry via the mathscape package that I developed primarily for
this purpose. The package executes scripts that resemble conventional pencil-
and-paper proofs and derivations in engineering and the natural sciences. In
these, a typical symbolic calculation:
1. starts with a set of equations,
2. constructs a new equation from one or more of these,
3. adds this to the set, and
4. repeats this cycle until the final result is reached.
I cast the steps that lead from one equation (or from a short list of equations) to


Source: Allen, L.C.- Department of Chemistry, Princeton University


Collections: Chemistry