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University of Regina Faculty of Business Administration

Summary: University of Regina
Faculty of Business Administration
Course Outline International Marketing BUS 415 Page 1
International Marketing BUS 415 001
Semester: Winter 2012, January 05 to April 05
Class Time: Thursday 7:00 - 9:45 P.M.
Class Room #: ED 621
Professor: Dr. Tatiana Levit
Office Hours: M & W 2:30 3:30 P.M. or just email me for an appointment it is easy!
Office: ED 524.2
Phone: 337-8455 (Please note that I cannot get my messages unless I am in the
office. For emergencies use the email instead.)
Email: Tatiana.Levit@uregina.ca (please use the subject line: "BUS 415 absence..." or "BUS
415 appointment" etc.)
URCourses: https://urcourses.uregina.ca/login/index.php
Final: April 19, 2012 W. 7:00 10:00 P.M. location TBA
Pre-requisites: ADMN/BUS 210 required;
Students may not receive credit for both BUS 415 and ADMN 415
Required materials:


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


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