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Reliable Bursty Convergecast in Wireless Sensor Networks Hongwei Zhang

Summary: Reliable Bursty Convergecast in Wireless Sensor Networks
Hongwei Zhang

, Anish Arora

, Young-ri Choi

, Mohamed G. Gouda

We address the challenges of bursty convergecast in multi-hop
wireless sensor networks, where a large burst of packets from
different locations needs to be transported reliably and in real-
time to a base station. Via experiments on a 49 MICA2 mote
sensor network using a realistic traffic trace, we determine the
primary issues in bursty convergecast, and accordingly design
a protocol, RBC (for Reliable Bursty Convergecast), to address
these issues: To improve channel utilization and to reduce ack-
loss, we design a window-less block acknowledgment scheme
that guarantees continuous packet forwarding and replicates the


Source: Arora, Anish - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Ohio State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences