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Asmundson 1 Submission to the University of Regina Strategic Planning Committee

Summary: Asmundson 1
Submission to the University of Regina Strategic Planning Committee
I am writing this brief note for consideration by the Strategic Planning Committee with respect to
future directions and strategies for the University of Regina. My comments are intended to touch
upon selected issues that I consider to be fundamental to the growth and future of the University.
Building Upon Legacy
The University has a legacy as an undergraduate teaching institution. In more recent years it has
also emerged as the provider of a variety of graduate training programs, a number of which are
of exceptional quality. My comments address the merits of sustaining the legacy excellence in
undergraduate teaching while striving to grow and prosper as a graduate training institution. A
number of documents already submitted for consideration by the Committee have addressed
similar issues. Within this context there are two issues that I perceive as being of utmost
importance to the University of Regina. These are (a) graduate training and research, and (b) the
extent to which the University fosters growth, recruitment, and retention of faculty
researchers/scholars of national and international renown.
A Self-Sustaining Process
In my opinion, moving the University to position itself as a "first choice" institution for
undergraduate and graduate students and, indeed, for current and prospective faculty, requires
that the abovementioned issues are explicitly addressed. In my own department, it is the
combination of excellence in graduate training and research plus teaching and mentorship from


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


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