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Integration of heuristic knowledge with analytical tools for the selection of flood damage reduction

Summary: Integration of heuristic knowledge with analytical
tools for the selection of flood damage reduction
Sajjad Ahmad and Slobodan P. Simonovic
Abstract: Heuristic knowledge has been integrated with analytical tools to support decision making for flood manage-
ment. Development of an expert system called Intelligent Flood Management System for the selection of appropriate
flood damage reduction measures for a given area is described. The selection of flood damage reduction measures is
based on hydraulic, hydrological, geotechnical, environmental, and economic factors related to the river system and the
area to be protected from floods. The knowledge base of the Intelligent Flood Management System is generic and can
be used to identify a suitable flood management option for any area. The model base of the Intelligent Flood Manage-
ment System consists of the hydraulic analysis package HEC-RAS, the flood damage analysis program HEC-FDA, and
a model for economic analysis. The graphical user interface is developed for effective communication with the system.
The developed system has been implemented to identify appropriate flood damage reduction options for the town of
Ste. Agathe in Manitoba, Canada using data from 1997 flood in the Red River Basin.
Key words: flood control, flood management, structural measures, heuristic knowledge, decision support systems, expert
Résumé : Des connaissances heuristiques ont été intégrées avec des outils analytiques afin d'aider à la prise de déci-
sions pour la gestion des crues. Le développement d'un système expert appelé « Intelligent Flood Management System
(IFMS) » (système intelligent de gestion des crues) pour la sélection de mesures appropriées de réduction de domma-
ges dues aux crues sur une région donnée est décrit. La sélection de mesures de réduction de dommages dues aux


Source: Ahmad, Sajjad - Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Nevada at Las Vegas


Collections: Engineering