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First attention then intention Insights from computational neuroscience

Summary: First attention then intention
Insights from computational neuroscience
of vision
Milica Milosavljevic and Moran Cerf
California Institute of Technology
Attention is a critical construct for anyone involved in marketing. However, research on
attention is currently lacking in the marketing discipline. This is perhaps due to inher-
ent difficulties in measuring attention. The current paper accentuates the importance
of better understanding attention, and suggests studying attention as a two-component
construct consisting of equally important bottom-up and top-down processes. While
research on top-down attention has recently been undertaken by Pieters and Wedel
(2004; 2007), the current paper introduces the field of computational neuroscience and
its research on visual attention as a useful framework for studying bottom-up attention.
Attention is a prerequisite for all marketing efforts.
(Sacharin 2000)
Research that integrates findings from cognitive psychology, cognitive
neuroscience and marketing is in its infancy. Nevertheless, a few market-
ing researchers have ventured into this brave new world, which is
expected to hold much potential for advertising research (Vakratsas &


Source: Adolphs, Ralph - Psychology and Neuroscience, California Institute of Technology


Collections: Biology and Medicine