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Ecological NetworksEcological Networks 15 September 2009

Summary: Ecological NetworksEcological Networks
15 September 2009
Types of ecological networksTypes of ecological networks
ˇ CommunityCommunity
­ nodes: species
­ links: interactions between speciesp
ˇ Population
­ nodes: populations of one speciesnodes: populations of one species
­ links: dispersal between populations
ˇ IndividualIndividual
­ nodes: individual organisms
­ links: genetic relatedness (paternity/maternity)links: genetic relatedness (paternity/maternity)
Community networksCommunity networks
ˇ Antagonistic networksAntagonistic networks
­ Food webs
Host parasite/parasitoid webs­ Hostparasite/parasitoid webs
ˇ Mutualistic networks
­ Plantseed disperser webs
­ Plantpollinator webs
­ Plantant webs


Source: Albert, Réka - Departments of Biology & Physics, Pennsylvania State University


Collections: Biology and Medicine