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Multicast Routing in Internetworks and Extended LANs StephenE. Deering

Summary: Multicast Routing in Internetworks and Extended LANs
StephenE. Deering
Computer Systems Laboratory
Stanford University
Multicasting is used within local-area networks to make dis-
tributed applications more robust and more efficient. The grow-
ing needto distribute applications acrossmultiple, interconnected
networks, and the increasing availability of high-performance,
high-capacity switching nodes and networks, lead us to consider
providing LAN-style multicasting acrossan inter-network. In this
paper,we propose extensions to two common internetwork rout-
ing algorithms~istance-vector routing and link-state routing-
to support low-delay datagram multicasting. We also suggest
modifications to the single-spanning-tree routing algorithm, com-
monly used by link-layer bridges, to reduce the costs of multi-
casting in large extended LANs. Finally, we show how different
link-layer and network-layer multicast routing algorithms can be
combinedhierarchically to support multicasting acrosslarge, het-


Source: Akella, Aditya - Department of Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin at Madison


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences