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the absence of a functional VNO (as in Trpc2-deficient females), even low, female-typical

Summary: the absence of a functional VNO (as in Trpc2-
deficient females), even low, female-typical
levels of testosterone may suffice to permit
high levels of male-typical behaviour.
Regardless of the mechanism involved,
mones inhibit mice from mounting other
male mice, and elicit aggressive behaviour in
males. So when male or female mice cannot
distinguish between the sexes, they initiate
male-typical mating routines towards all
conspecifics, presumably using pheromonal
cues sensed by the MOE58
(Fig. 1).
What does the work of Kimchi et al., taken
together with previous findings, tell us about
the functional role of structural differences
in the brain? As females can display male-
type mating patterns, it seems unlikely that
gender-specific effectors of mating patterns


Source: Ahlers, Guenter - Department of Physics, University of California at Santa Barbara
Zaanen, Jan - Leiden Institute of Physics, Universiteit Leiden


Collections: Physics