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Using Ambient Intelligence for Disaster Management

Summary: Using Ambient Intelligence
for Disaster Management
Juan Carlos Augusto Jun Liu Liming Chen
School of Computing and Mathematics,
University of Ulster at Jordanstown, UK
Abstract. This paper presents an architecture to help the decision-
making process of disaster managers. Here we focus on a core aspect
of this process which is taking decisions in the presence of conflicting
options. We exemplify this problem with three simple scenarios related
to diverse contexts and provide an explanation on how our system will
advice in all these cases.
1 Introduction
Disasters can occur at any time and in any context, from a house to a nuclear
plant. Decisions taken in relations to a disaster can alter their development and
its consequences dramatically. Usually decisions have been taken by humans but
more and more computer-based decision-making support has been accepted and
developed. Although humans are usually better than machines to judge complex
situations and decide, computers can provide a stress-free view of the situation
and compile important amounts of knowledge very quickly.


Source: Augusto, Juan Carlos - School of Computing and Mathematics, University of Ulster at Jordanstown


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences