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Subject Description Algorithms -Exact Exact algorithms return an optimal solution.

Summary: Subject Description
Algorithms - Exact Exact algorithms return an optimal solution.
Algorithms - Heuristics
Heuristics are designed to solve optimization problems fast (at least faster than exact methods) without having the
proof of the solution being optimal.
Combinatorial optimization
Combinatorial Optimization - Location problems
Given a set of demand points and a set of candidate facility sites with costs of building facilities at them, the goal is to
select a subset of sites to built facilities. Costs are incured for servicing demand points from these facilities. The
objective is to minimize the sum of facility costs and the sum of the service costs for the demand points.
Combinatorial Optimization - Networks and graphs - Network
This problem consist of sending flow through a network from supply points to demand points at minimal cost. The
allowed flows are restricted by the given capacities of the edges in the network. This category also includes matching,
spanning trees and shortest path problems.
Combinatorial Optimization - Networks and graphs - Stochastic These are network and graph problems that include stochastic components.
Combinatorial Optimization - Networks and graphs - Vehicle
The vehicle routing problem (VRP) is a combinatorial optimization problem seeking to service (with one or multiple


Source: Al Hanbali, Ahmad - Department of Applied Mathematics, Universiteit Twente


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