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The Fusion of Distributed Microphone Arrays For Sound Localization

Summary: 1
The Fusion of Distributed Microphone Arrays For
Sound Localization
Parham Aarabi
Abstract|This paper presents a general method for the in-
tegration of distributed microphone arrays for localization
of a sound source. The recently proposed sound localiza-
tion technique known as SRP-PHAT is shown to be a spe-
cial case of the more general microphone array integration
mechanism presented here. The proposed technique utilizes
spatial likelihood functions (SLFs) produced by each micro-
phone array and integrates them using a weighted addition
of the individual SLFs. This integration strategy accounts
for the di erent levels of access that a microphone array
has to di erent spatial positions, resulting in an intelligent
integration strategy that weighs the results of reliable mi-
crophone arrays more signi cantly. Experimental results
using 10 2-element microphone arrays show a reduction in
the sound localization error from 0.9m to 0.08m at a signal-
to-noise ratio of 0dB. The proposed technique also has the


Source: Aarabi, Parham - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences