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Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Special Needs Procedures

Summary: Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
Special Needs Procedures
In December of 1996, the University of Regina approved "A Policy Regarding Students with
Special Needs." Part of this policy states that "(f)aculties are expected to develop procedures for
implementing this policy which are consistent with their internal goals and needs." The current
procedures described below were adapted from the procedures developed and approved in the
Faculty of Arts. The procedures described herein deal with the practical implementation of the
University's Policy within the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, and as such are an
extension and refinement of the Policy, not a replacement of it.
The University Policy states that "(t)he intent of the accommodation is to allow students with
special needs to be evaluated fairly without compromising academic standards." One of the
guiding principles of these procedures is that while the Disability Resource Centre can assist in
identifying and evaluating a student's special needs, and provide a list of suggested
accommodations based on the medical and psychological literature, only the instructor (in
consultation with the department and Faculty) can decide if these requests can be reasonably met
without compromising the academic standards of the course or degree program. These
procedures are designed to set out what some of these academic standards are, in order to guide
instructors in responding to accommodation requests.
The Course Syllabus and Special Needs Announcements


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


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