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International Journal of Computers, Communications & Control Vol. II (2007), No. 1, pp. 5-16

Summary: International Journal of Computers, Communications & Control
Vol. II (2007), No. 1, pp. 5-16
Crossing the Rubicon: A Generic Intelligent Advisor
Razvan Andonie, J. Edward Russo, Rishi Dean
Abstract: Recommender systems (RS) are being used by an increasing number of
e-commerce sites to help consumers find the personally best products. We define
here the criteria that a RS should satisfy, drawing on concepts from behavioral sci-
ence, computational intelligence, and data mining. We present our conclusions from
building the WiseUncle RS and give its general description. Rather than being an
advisor for a particular application, WiseUncle is a generic RS, a platform for gener-
ating application-specific advisors.
Keywords: Recommender systems, electronic commerce, user interface, user mod-
1 Introduction
E-commerce sites use RS to guide visitors through the buying process by providing customized
information and product recommendations. Some actual online recommender systems are described in
[26, 31, 32]. Several well-known e-commerce businesses use, or have used, RS technology on their web
sites: Amazon, Travelocity, BMW, MovieFinder, and Dell among them. Although commercial RS use
began several years ago, we are still only beginning to use such systems on a large scale. Overviews of
the relatively short history of RS and the techniques used may be found in [16, 30].


Source: Andonie, Razvan - Department of Computer Science, Central Washington University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences