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Technical Notes On-Line Temperature Monitoring in a Capillary

Summary: Technical Notes
On-Line Temperature Monitoring in a Capillary
Electrochromatography Frit Using Microcoil NMR
Michael E. Lacey,, Andrew G. Webb,, and Jonathan V. Sweedler*,,
Department of Chemistry, Electrical and Computer Engineering, the Beckman Institute, University of Illinois at Urbanas
Champaign, Urbana, Illinois 61801
A new nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy
probe has been designed to measure the temperature of
the water inside a capillary. The probe provides the ability
to measure the temperature in a several hundred mi-
crometer long capillary section, corresponding to liquid
volumes in the picoliter to nanoliter range with a temper-
ature monitoring accuracy of 0.2 C. The NMR probe is
based on a novel two-turn vertical solenoidal design, and
its performance for capillary-scale temperature measure-
ments is characterized. The temperature rise in a chro-
matographic frit of the type used in capillary electrochro-
matography is measured as a function of applied power,
and temperature rises of more than 50 C are observed.
The temperature of the electrolyte cools rapidly after


Source: Andrews, Anne M. - Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences, Pennsylvania State University


Collections: Biology and Medicine