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Higher Order Containers Thorsten Altenkirch1

Summary: Higher Order Containers
Thorsten Altenkirch1
, Paul Levy2
, and Sam Staton3
University of Nottingham
University of Birmingham
University of Cambridge
Abstract. Containers are a semantic way to talk about strictly positive
types. In previous work it was shown that containers are closed under
various constructions including products, coproducts, initial algebras and
terminal coalgebras. In the present paper we show that, surprisingly, the
category of containers is cartesian closed, giving rise to a full cartesian
closed subcategory of endofunctors. The result has interesting applica-
tions in generic programming and representation of higher order abstract
syntax. We also show that while the category of containers has finite lim-
its, it is not locally cartesian closed.
1 Introduction


Source: Altenkirch, Thorsten - School of Computer Science, University of Nottingham
Levy, Paul Blain - School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences