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Robot Task Execution with Telepresence Using Virtual Reality Technology

Summary: 1
Robot Task Execution with Telepresence Using
Virtual Reality Technology
Lim Ser Yong*, Wong Hong Yang**, and Marcelo Ang, Jr.**
*Gintic Institute of Manufacturing Technology
71 Nanyang Drive
Singapore 638075
**National University of Singapore
10 Kent Ridge Crescent
Singapore 119260
Robotic manipulators are widely used to replace human operators in tasks that are
repetitive in nature. However, there are many tasks that are non-repetitive,
unpredictable, or hazardous to the human operators. With teleoperation, or remote
control, such tasks can still be performed using robotic manipulators. A suitable
platform with visual and mechanical feedback is deemed necessary to simplify the
operation of such system. This paper describes the design and implementation of a
telepresent robot control system using virtual reality (VR) instruments. The system
includes a stereo Head-Eye Module (HEM) with 3 degree-of-freedom, a high-
resolution stereo Head Mounted Display (HMD) for remote supervision, and a 6


Source: Ang Jr.,, Marcelo H. - Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore


Collections: Engineering