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ARST 2100/2110 Introductory and Intermediate Painting Margaret Morrison

Summary: ARST 2100/2110 Introductory and Intermediate Painting
Margaret Morrison
Summer 2011
Cortona Study Abroad
Course Description:
Undoubtedly you are getting very excited in anticipation of spending the summer in Italy. Painting in a
land that is quite literally the cradle of classical painting is an experience that most art students only
dream of. You are about to live that dream. This class will cover classical and contemporary painting
methods. Both sections will be following a similar itinerary, however, the students in intermediate
painting will be expected to work at an accelerated level. I am a believer in learning to paint from life,
and Italy is the perfect backdrop! We will begin with painting exercises generated from life; including
still life, portrait and landscape. Throughout the semester we will be considering the basic elements of art:
line, shape, value, texture, color, in addition to the compositional principles: balance, rhythm,
unity/variety, emphasis, etc. Following this, we will be exploring more conceptual themes and
processes. Emphasis will be placed on creativity, expression, and technical skill. You are encouraged to
develop and explore your unique visual language. Relevant art history examples will be discussed in
conjunction with the scheduled day trips; as well as issues and methods in contemporary painting.
Class Work: You must attend every class period and be prepared with the required materials. Do not
be constructing or gessoing canvases during class time. Have your surface ready to paint on before class


Source: Arnold, Jonathan - Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center & Department of Genetics, University of Georgia


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