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Physica B 158 (1989) 477-479 North-Holland, Amsterdam

Summary: Physica B 158 (1989) 477-479
North-Holland, Amsterdam
Nickel Impurities in the 90K Superconductor
M. @an, E.A. Stern, Y. Ma, R. Ingalls Dept. of Physics, FM-15
M. Sarikaya, D. Thiel, R. Kutosky, C. Han, L. Hutter, I.Akaay
Dept. of Material Science and Engineering, FB-10,and
Advanced Materials Technology Program, Washington Technology Center
University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195
1. Introduction
With the goal of obtaining more insight into the unique role of Cu, there
are many experiments on substituting for the various metal atoms in the l-2-3
superconductor. Among them, the experiments on Cu substitution by NilA either
have not been able to verify where the impurity atom actually resides or claimed that
Ni atoms are at Cu(2) sites. We present here a detailed investigation combining the
XAFS technique with a careful characterization of the morphology of the sample
YBaz(Cul-zNi,)sO;r-a with z = 0.02, 0.05, 0.09 and conclude that Ni does not
substitute in either Cu site.
2. Sample Characterization, XAFS Measurements and Analysis
The samples were made using Yz03,BaOz,CuO and Ni acetate powders with


Source: Aksay, Ilhan A. - Department of Chemical Engineering, Princeton University


Collections: Materials Science