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Multistability in systems with counterclockwise InputOutput dynamics

Summary: 1
Multistability in systems with counter­clockwise
Input­Output dynamics
David Angeli
Dip. Sistemi e Informatica
Universit‘a di Firenze
Abstract--- The notion of Counter­Clockwise (ccw)
Input­Output dynamics is extended and used for the
global analysis of multistability in positive feedback in­
terconnections. A library of examples is provided to il­
lustrate the usefulness of this concept and help recog­
nizing ccw dynamics in specific applications, especially
those arising in systems biology.
I. Motivations and basic definitions
Although there is no general agreement on the mat­
ter, and precise definitions may vary according to the
field of interest, roughly speaking a multistable system
can be defined as a dynamical system for which almost
all solutions converge to the asymptotically stable equi­
libria (which are actually more than one). In particular,


Source: Angeli, David - Dipartimento di Sistemi e Informatica, Universitŕ degli Studi di Firenze


Collections: Engineering