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phr76ja@tx.technion.ac.il 1 Visualization of Melting Simulations

Summary: 1

1 Visualization of Melting Simulations
Joan Adler, V. Sorkin and Emil Polturak
Physics Department, Technion, Haifa, Israel, 32000
Summary. We describe visualization aspects of our recent atomistic simulations
of bulk and surface melting. A discussion of the use of visualization to elucidate
the nature of the mixing between di erent layers as the temperature is increased
is given. We implemented the AViz package, which was prepared in the Technion's
Computational Physics Group for use in atomistic simulations. This package en-
ables, for example, the use of di erent colors for di erent intial locations in order
to explore layer mixing and addlayer formation and the use of color to indicate the
location of lattice defects at a glance.
This paper is part of a series of studies of atomistic simulations to explore
the r^ole of defects in surface and bulk melting of di erent materials. Melting
is diĘcult to observe on an atomic level: hence atomistic simulations with
good visualization can play an important role.
The Lindemann model of 1910 relies on the fact that vibration energy


Source: Adler, Joan - Physics Department, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology


Collections: Physics