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Diffusion of an Ionic Drug in Micellar Aqueous Solutions Huixiang Zhang,

Summary: Diffusion of an Ionic Drug in Micellar Aqueous Solutions
Huixiang Zhang,
and Onofrio Annunziata*,
Department of Chemistry, Texas Christian UniVersity, Fort Worth, Texas 76129, and Alcon Research Ltd.,
Fort Worth, Texas 76134
ReceiVed NoVember 4, 2008. ReVised Manuscript ReceiVed December 18, 2008
Supramolecular carriers such as micelles can be used to noncovalently bind drug molecules for pharmaceutical
applications. However, these carriers can fundamentally affect diffusion-based drug transport due to host-guest
coupled diffusion. We report a ternary interdiffusion study on an ionic drug in aqueous micellar solutions. Specifically,
high-precision Rayleigh interferometry was used to determine the four multicomponent diffusion coefficients for the
potassium naproxenate-tyloxapol-water ternary system at 25 C and pH 7. In addition, we have measured drug
solubility as a function of tyloxapol concentration. These measurements were used to characterize drug-surfactant
thermodynamic interactions using the two-phase partitioning model. Furthermore, we propose a novel model on
host-guest coupled diffusion that includes counterions. We show that quantitative agreement between model and
experimental diffusion results can be achieved if the effect of micelle solvation on transport parameters is included
in the model. This work represents an essential addition to our previous diffusion study on a nonionic drug and provides
Supramolecular systems such as micelles, liposomes, and other
nanoparticles are valuable tools in the chemical and pharma-


Source: Annunziata, Onofrio - Department of Chemistry, Texas Christian University


Collections: Chemistry