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Results of Phase I Interviews with Key Internal Stakeholders

Summary: Results of Phase I Interviews with Key Internal
The following is a summary of the feedback we received from 37 interviews in the spring
and summer of 2009 with Deans and Associate Dean (Research), CRCs, and Directors of
Research Institutes).
Current Profile of Research at the University of Regina
Vision. A consistent finding across interviews was a lack of formal vision for
research within numerous academic units. Rather than referencing a research philosophy
per se, a few respondents referenced their unit's criteria document in addressing
expectations for research activity. More commonly, respondents gave an overview of the
current research climate in their units, particularly in terms of strengths, areas for
concern, and a general indication of the types of research currently being conducted
within the unit. Several units did, however, express broad goals in terms of research
activity, such as community focus (e.g., FNUC, RESOLVE), the emphases given to
applied and basic research, and the decision to either focus on a few speciality areas in
which the unit currently excels versus promoting a more diffuse research base. FGSR was
particularly clear in articulating a clear philosophy of what constitutes scholarship and
how the pursuit of new knowledge may be encouraged, and JSPP provided concrete ideas
for how their research vision may be achieved.
Pockets of Excellence. Several respondents identified a few exceptional


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


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