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MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY, Apr. 2005, p. 29812994 Vol. 25, No. 8 0270-7306/05/$08.00 0 doi:10.1128/MCB.25.8.29812994.2005

Summary: MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY, Apr. 2005, p. 2981­2994 Vol. 25, No. 8
0270-7306/05/$08.00 0 doi:10.1128/MCB.25.8.2981­2994.2005
Copyright © 2005, American Society for Microbiology. All Rights Reserved.
Genome-Wide Prediction and Analysis of Yeast RNase III-Dependent
snoRNA Processing Signals
Ghada Ghazal, Dongling Ge, Julien Gervais-Bird, Jules Gagnon, and Sherif Abou Elela*
RNA Group/Groupe ARN, De´partement de Microbiologie et d'Infectiologie, Faculte´ de Me´decine,
Universite´ de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Que´bec, Canada
Received 13 December 2004/Accepted 5 January 2005
In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the maturation of both pre-rRNA and pre-small nucleolar RNAs (pre-snoRNAs)
involves common factors, thereby providing a potential mechanism for the coregulation of snoRNA and rRNA
synthesis. In this study, we examined the global impact of the double-stranded-RNA-specific RNase Rnt1p,
which is required for pre-rRNA processing, on the maturation of all known snoRNAs. In silico searches for
Rnt1p cleavage signals, and genome-wide analysis of the Rnt1p-dependent expression profile, identified seven
new Rnt1p substrates. Interestingly, two of the newly identified Rnt1p-dependent snoRNAs, snR39 and snR59, are
located in the introns of the ribosomal protein genes RPL7A and RPL7B. In vitro and in vivo experiments indicated
that snR39 is normally processed from the lariat of RPL7A, suggesting that the expressions of RPL7A and snR39
are linked. In contrast, snR59 is produced by a direct cleavage of the RPL7B pre-mRNA, indicating that a single
pre-mRNA transcript cannot be spliced to produce a mature RPL7B mRNA and processed by Rnt1p to produce a
mature snR59 simultaneously. The results presented here reveal a new role of yeast RNase III in the processing of


Source: Abou Elela, Sherif - Département de Microbiologie et d'Infectiologie, Université de Sherbrooke


Collections: Biology and Medicine