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Week 13: Queueing and WWW protocols Sren Asmussen

Summary: Simulation
Week 13: Queueing and WWW protocols
Søren Asmussen
November 25, 2004
The FCFS M/G/1 queue
A queueing system has in its simplest form four main ingredients: the arrival
process, describing how customers arrive; the distribution F of the service times
of customers; the number of servers; and the queue discipline, to be explained
There are many interpretations and applications, but we will think here of
a server or a transmission line on the WWW (World Wide Web) whose task is
to handle request to transfer files (say a HTML page). A customer is such a
request and his/her service time is the file length. There is just one server. The
problem we will look at in the Assignment is what are the differences between
different queue disciplines (protocols) w.r.t issues such as efficiency and fairness
to the clients.
At the moment, we only consider the simplest discipline, FCFS = First
Come First Served (also denoted FIFO = First In First Out). This means that
requests for file transfer line up in a queue in the order they arrive. When the
server has finished transferring a file, it will start transferring the first in line,


Source: Asmussen, Søren - Department of Mathematical Sciences, Aarhus Universitet


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