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Wireless Sensing Systems in Clinical Environments

Summary:  EYEWIRE
Wireless Sensing Systems
in Clinical Environments
ultiple studies suggest that the level of patient care
may decline in the future because of a larger aging
population and medical staff shortages. Wireless
sensing systems that automate some of the patient
monitoring tasks can potentially improve the efficiency of patient
workflows, but their efficacy in clinical settings is an open ques-
tion. In this article, we introduce the challenges that such wireless
sensing systems must overcome and provide insights on the tech-
niques and features that system designers should consider for suc-
cessful deployments in clinical settings. We do so through
MEDiSN, a wireless sensor network (WSN) designed to continu-
ously monitor the vital signs of ambulatory patients. We validate
the usefulness of MEDiSN with test bed experiments and results
from a pilot study performed at the Emergency Department,
Johns Hopkins Hospital. Promising results indicate that MEDiSN
can tolerate high degrees of human mobility, is well received by


Source: Amir, Yair - Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences