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Concurrent Engineering Support with an Advanced DMS Mike Clift and Robert Amor, Building Research Establishment, UK

Summary: Concurrent Engineering Support with an Advanced DMS
Mike Clift and Robert Amor, Building Research Establishment, UK
1. Introduction
This paper reports on the DMS (Document Management System) development in the EC funded project
ToCEE (Towards a Concurrent Engineering Environment) in the context of its support for concurrent
engineering in the construction industry (ESPRIT 1995). The usage scenarios described in this paper
highlight how a DMS could be used within the life-cycle of a construction project to engender concurrent work
practices. This includes not just parallel working, but the DMS's support for co-operative and collaborative
working practices.
1.1 Concurrent Engineering
One of the major measures of the benefit of a concurrent engineering environment is its level of support for
co-operation and collaboration between all participants in the project. The ToCEE project delivers an
infrastructure which aims to engender better co-operation and collaboration with a project through the
provision of open interfaces to all participants' organisations and also through an open interface to all
services provided to the project. This allows controlled access by any participant to all levels of information in
the system, whether that be the evolving product model, the state of the process management system, or the
documents held in the project. Figure 1.1 shows the general framework of the ToCEE system in relationship
to the clients and services involved. The server end of ToCEE ties together the full set of product, process,
document, regulations, and conflict management systems from the involved participants to be visible through
a single interface. Then from the client's end it is possible to access this unified set of services without regard


Source: Amor, Robert - Department of Computer Science, University of Auckland


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences